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Full Version: Confluence Sounds Modification
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i want to change the navigation sounds of the confluence-skin.

i am using oe 5.08 on a rPi2.

i copied the skin.confluence-directory from /usr/share/kodi/addons/ , because i was not able to edit it there (read only filesystem).
i modified the copy (replaced the sound files with other .wav-files). when i try to copy it back to /usr/share/kodi/addons/ it doesnt work (read only filesystem).

i tried to zip the directory and install the skin from zip-file. this doesnt work either, it says the addon does not have the necessary structure.
to be sure i tried to unzip the original-downloaded skin and rezip it without any changes. this also results in the same error-message.

i tried 7zip and winrar as zip-tools.

is there a certain way, the zip-container has to be constructed? Maybe there is a easier way to do this (change navigation sounds)?

thx a lot for your answers