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Full Version: Remove 'Set as default for all videos'
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Ronie... if you read this - thanks for this skin!

I've made a few edits to various xml files as a way to "protect" my settings, such as removing the option to uninstall add-ons or removing the ability to refresh library data. My main HTPC uses a custom touch screen remote which allows me to control which direct button commands I wan't users to have access to.

However... my other boxes don't have that remote option.
What I'm looking for now is a way to remove the option "set as default for all videos" when bringing up the audio & video menus during playback. This way changes can be made on a one-time basis and the settings will revert when playback is stopped.

The idea is that whenever the need comes up, I'll just change my skin over to confluence - which is what I do know for full menu support. If I need to go back and forth replacing a system file to achieve this goal then I'm fine with that as well.

Again... thanks for an awesome skin and any help you can provide!!!