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Full Version: MediaInfo_NFO DTS-HD MA audio proper way...
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TMM was updated to write DTS-HD MA audio as:


But this is not recognised by Kodi (I'm using Helix 14.2. Versions before that = same result).

I have to edit the NFO to read:


(Upper or lower case, does not matter).

Only then does the audio indicator in Kodi show/pick-up the film as having DTS-HD Master Audio.

*I get no correction of the file info once Kodi updates the library on start up, you indicated that it does not matter what the NFO says, Kodi's media scraper will get the info anyhow. You said this in a prior post (I cannot find it via searching). Found the post about same issue: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid1867171

If I manually re-scrape the film, then yes, the correct info is added, ignoring the created NFO in the film's folder.

Perhaps I misunderstood what you meant?

I'll be donating shortly in any case. TMM is a very helpful, simple to use and to the point scraping/media manager.

Thank you for your feedback and input.
sorry for the late response. hab to verify some things (and too much to do on the other hand Big Grin)

according to the Kodi wiki media information about files is ready only on _first access_ :

  <streamdetails> <!-- While it is possible to manually set the information contained within the "streamdetails" tag,there is little point in doing so, as the software will always overwrite this data when it plays back the video file. In other words, no matter how many times you try to manually set it, it will be undone the moment the video is played.-->

in this case we have to build a mapping for ALL codecs (double check audio and video codecs) in a form that Kodi reads/understands it and write it this way Sad (unfortunately the media info lib provides the data in an other format so we have 3 different forms: media info, tmm and kodi)
Please, no need to apologise, mlaggner. Smile

Thank you for your reply and details. Initially, TMM used to write the correct, newest way (dtshd_ma) for Kodi/skins to 'pick-up' the details (with the current audio code, the skins just show blank). Not a problem if it is going to be a pain to troubleshoot/implement. It only takes a few secs to correct for me.

I thank you again and as mentioned, I'll be donating soon.

(2015-04-15, 07:43)Purgatory Wrote: [ -> ]Initially, TMM used to write the correct, newest way (dtshd_ma) for Kodi/skins to 'pick-up' the details (with the current audio code, the skins just show blank).

so it already worked?
maybe we changed too much when we implemented split between the different "DTS versions"
If I recall, the change in the way dtshd_ma was not recognized (written as DTS instead) started in version 2.6.4, possibly version 2.6.5.


Edit: Oh! I see in the upcoming 2.6.7: x changed detection of DTS-HD codecs (Kodi will display the right logo now after NFO export) Big Grin

Thank you for tracking the issue down and making it work, mlaggner.