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Full Version: Setting fire tvs up for friends and such, need help.
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I bought 5 fire tvs to give out as gifts to friends. I see them on ebay all day saying "just sign into your amazon account and launch xbmc/kodi from the home screen" but my issue is this - I only know how to get kodi onto the home screen using llama and linking it to classic tv. When I disconnect my amazon account, the shortcut goes away and when they sign back in it will need to be setup again. Most of them are people from high school that I don't see much, and I will be giving them to them at a weekend paintball event this weekend so I wont be able to go set them up for them. How do these ebay guys do it?

EDIT: Now I broke it. Lol. Whenever I press home now, it makes me re sign in. Ugh, I shouldnt have even tried.

EDIT EDIT: Did a factory reset, now the home button isn't doing that anymore.
when you give it to them and they sign in to there account they will have to download classic tv