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Full Version: Exporting HTML
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I wonder if someone may be able to assist me here. I would like to export my movie collection into an HTML file, much like the templates provided, except I would like it to use the artwork in my files. For some reason I have not been able to decode, most the posters in the default templates are in Spanish. It is functional enough, I suppose, but not pretty. I have taken a lot of time selecting the posters and fanart, and would like them represented in my HTML file.

Any ideas or suggestions?
there is a small drawback (or feature? Wink ) with artwork in the export templates.

when we created the export templates, we had one scenario in mind:

- we would like to create an export which we can pass over to friends. thus it should be a simple HTML page which holds all meta data about ones library.

To create a html page which we can simple give away, we should use artwork which is in the internet (for this we take the urls to the artwork we scraped), so you have only to pass over the HTML/CSS files. The drawback here is, that after resetting the internal database, all urls are gone and we do not have that for exporting. We can also have an url to another file than you have locally available.

BUT: what to change? should we link the artwork in the export templates to our local artwork files? (passing the export list to friends would result unavailable links), or should we copy over the artwork to the export (you wouldn't like to give a 100mb export to your friends, would you?)?
We could down scale the artwork and copy it to the export template (CPU intensive! the export could take several minutes depending on your CPU power/library size), but this isn't implemented yet.

as you can see - the topic artwork in the export templates is tricky.. and there is no better way available (yet)

sorry for that
Thank you so much for the answer.

It makes a lot of sense the way you explain it. Yet, I currently keep a folder of all the posters so my friend's can browse them. Lists are just so hard to look at. It is a pretty large folder. Its in "the cloud" so no one has to fuss too much about it. But its just posters. I would like it better if it had at least the descriptions. I would like it even more if it had many of the sorting functions that the TMM templates have, like by year, actor, director.

Truth is, I would love to use one of the HTML templates provided. It is perfectly fine for my purposes. And scraped from the internet makes sense... except all the artwork is scraped from I don't know where. Is there a way I can get a handle on that? I glanced at the code and the related instructions for customizing templates and got cold feet. Then, I came here.

Perhaps it is too much to ask from a program that already does so much. I switched from Ember and LOVE TMM. So fast, so refreshing. Even if I have to learn to code my own template someday, I am super stoked on the program. Thanks for that! And thanks for any other help you might have for me.
Hello guys =)

maybe someone could help me here.

I use TMM for long time. And now i want to share my Movies to my friends via HTML.
I can only use the templates prvided with TMM installation, because i am not that smart to make my own template.

It would be great to get an Movie list where my frieds can search for titles, genres, actors,... sort the list alphabetical or to last added, etc... perfekt with the posters.

I have tried all the templates, but they dont work fine. Most Movies didn't show the posters. And it is not possible to sort the list or even search for genres or something like this Sad

http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=160863 is down and i can not find the program anywhere in the internet

I have the Webspace and just want to get a nice html export, so my friends can look and search my Movies...
Is there a way?

Thank you !!!
Yes, this is a known issue.
Most of the poster stuff is already fixed in nightly, but not released yet.
We were having barely time in may.. but things should get rolling again the next weeks Smile
Great =)
That sound good.... so i will wait for the next update Smile

By the way: I have a large Database (aprox 950 entries). Each time i have new entries, tmm needs 10Min to refresh the list and find the new entries to scrape.
Is there a way to add new entries a bit faster? TMM does not need to look into ALL 950 entries for something new...

I have every movie in an own folder... Movies/Title/Title.avi
Than i add the new file to Movies/Title.avi and tell TMM to refresh. And this will take about 10 - 15 Minutes to find the new file(s) to scrape...
What can i do? What is that "offline Movie" option !?

thx very much =)
we do always crosscheck the wohl datasource (only when we are in sync with the files on the storage device we can do correct operations).
The speed of the update highly depends on your connection speed. E.g. if you are connected via wifi to your storage device it will be horribly slow. My lib at home (~500 movies) is synced within a few seconds.
Yeah... It's a network storage via WIFI...
Thanks for the hint anyway :-)
Hey guys :-)

By the way: I have found a way how it will work much faster to add a new movie.
Even if it's a Network Storage via WiFi.

I just add an "offline" movie, scrape its metadata an then replace the *.disc File with my mediafile and renew the whole DB entry only of this new movie.
Everything works and is much faster that way :-)

Love TMM more and more!! Realy Great work! Thanks!!
If the HTML Export will work fine on next release, i will donate for that work ;-)

Kind regards
(2017-05-31, 09:01)myron Wrote: [ -> ]...Most of the poster stuff is already fixed in nightly, but not released yet.
We were having barely time in may.. but things should get rolling again the next weeks Smile

Are there any news? We are all waiting anxiously for the next release with HTML Export Big GrinCoolWinkBig GrinAngelBig Grin

Thank you very much !!
Uhm... yes.
We're both still having barely time for TMM :|

But we could already commit to do release within the next 2 weeks or so Smile
At least, i'm striving for it... to get the latest fixes to the public...

And we still could need some testers, which wanna test such features in our nightly distribution.
This even could speed up such roll-outs *wink*
Okay =)

Many thanks for the answer. I will wait patiently for the next rollout!

At the moment, I try to use a NAS and set everything up again... By the way: At this poit i have lost half of my collection (aprox. 500 Movies lost...). Anyway - bad luck. This was my own fault...
This is all new for me...

But when i am finished and all is set up new - I would be glad to test nightly Versions ;-)
Because "TMM is THE media Manager of my choice" ;-)))

PS: Btw: My lcation is de_AT too... K├Ânnten also problemlos auf deutsch weiter schreiben ;-)
But maybe other users would like to read and get some help out of this...?!