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Full Version: Standardization and replacements
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I am a recent french user and donor of TMM.
Your software is really useful, but ...

I want to know if the movie titles (recovered from TMDB) can be standardized ?

My idea would be to remove all the "bad" characters (such as: ' , ; ! & etc...) to replace them with spaces or dots (I love dots ! ^^).
Similarly, for accented characters, a possibility to replace them with characters without accents.

Star.Wars,.épisode.I.-.La.Menace.fantôme.(1999) => Star.Wars.episode.I.-.La.Menace.fantome.(1999)
Alien³.(1992) => Alien.3.(1992)
American.Pie.3.marions-les.!.(2003) => American.Pie.3.marions-les.(2003)

Thanks for you reply !

PS : sorry for my poor english
where exactly do you want to have this conversion?

for the renamer there is already such a feature for replacing accents (Replace non ASCII characters with their basic ASCII equivalents). Replacing punctuation is not possible atm
Thank you for your reply.
In fact I did not see the option for the accents.
For punctuation, I'll manage without. so much the worse