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Full Version: Newb questions
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1) How are people handling alternate versions of films like theatrical, directors cut, alternate endings for instance? Can XBMC handle this anyway? For now I'm just updating the title manually.

2) Is it possible to use original title instead of title in the list on the left hand side?

3) Can I add columns like resolution and video bit-rate to the list?

4) How do you automate scraping, media info and renaming in one step?

5) How do you download missing subtitles?

6) How do I increase the thread count? my CPU and network are barely doing anything! I wouldn't say it was slow, I'm coming from Media Center Master on Windows, tmm beats it hands down.

7) Where is this .desktop file? i am running from terminal at the moment. if i can find it and move it to wherever it is supposed to live, how should i be running tmm?

Thanks in advance for any pointers you can give me.
1) dunno how this is handled in any mediacentre?
2+3) hmm.. not yet. But with V3 we redesign our complete GUI, so we might be able to make it more... customizeable
4) currently only possible with command line:
5) not yet possible (although we have already 2 unfinished subtitle scraper inside - but no time atm)
6) hmm.. not yet possible. We use threads mainly for downloading / parallel scraping. will think about that
7) i'm not a linux gui... but i guess this is our tinyMediaManager.desktop startscript... which iscreated on the desktop? in application dir? ...?