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Full Version: "Performing background tasks" shown for hours?
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What does tMM do while displaying "Performing background tasks"? It often takes many hours until the display disappears. Is there a way to shorten it? Or to get to know how long that will take until it will be finished?
these are all small tasks we do in TMM, like TraktSync, nfo writing et all.
Basically, everything beside (image/trailer) downloads...
You might click on the prgress bar, to get a clue what we are currently doing... (or check the logfile)
Thank you, myron,

Alright, so those tasks should not be stopped, I assume.

Quote:You might click on the prgress bar
Yes, it shows that there are tasks running, but there is no time displayed showing the time remaining until the end or how many movies / series will be scraped or the move just being scraped, if I am right.

If I stop the running tasks, will they be continued the next time I start tMM or will there be lost anything? So would I have start all over again?

Thanks again.
hmm.. yes, the task queue is kinda variable.
Some tasks create other taks, and it permanently grows and lowers...
But you are right, the current design is subobtimal.
Will remember that, if we find some free room.... (not atm)

No, if you stop, or close TMM, everything is stopped.
So better to let em run...
But if there's no actual progress in the logfile (eg a hanging download) it will be safe to abort it and retry (no need to wait hours)
Alright, thank you very much, myron.