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Full Version: Save aspect ratio per stream
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I did a search but found nothing useful. So my question is if it is possible to somehow save the aspect ratio of a stream/channel for the next time it is used? When I do set the aspect ratio (change it) it is also set for all other channels. I don't know if this is a kodi issue or not so maybe this is a feature request.
No reaction. Does this mean that no one has the same experience, no one cares or it's a kodi bug?
I share mixed experiences: On Intel NUC (Openelec 4.0.6 / XBMC 13.1) cannot save settings per stream, only can set defaults for all streams. If I change properties during playback, they won't stick after start/stop or stream change.

On the other hand, (Openelec 4.2.1, XBMC 13.2 on RPi B) the settings work as advertised.
It is probably a bug, I have tried to fix this before but it could be that the bug has reappeared. Can you file a ticket on trac.kodi.tv?
I forget to mention I was using Kodi Isengard. Maybe I was premature with posting this. I'll wait for the stable version.