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Full Version: Media importing and library integration (UPnP, Emby, Plex, ...)
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Same "undefined reference" errors when building latest kodi master db545c69029b1cab8418bb0af80afbe7db7c7c0a on Ubuntu x86_64 with your 61 commits patched on top.

Not sure how Jenkins is building this.

On Ubuntu I use:
make clean
./bootstrap || exit
./configure --disable-rsxs --disable-libcec || exit
Maybe Jenkins is using cmake.
Ah yes everything on jenkins is using cmake. Obviously I was unable to test with makefiles on Windows. I'll take another look at the blindly hacked makefiles.
@Milhouse: I just pushed a fix to the media importing Makefile.in. Please try again and thanks.
Thanks, that has worked. We do plan to switch LibreELEC to cmake fairly soon (within the next week), once all the kinks have been worked out. I'll upload builds and post the links.
LibreELEC Generic: #1116w
LibreELEC RPi: #1116w
LibreELEC RPi2: #1116w
(2016-11-17, 10:33)Milhouse Wrote: [ -> ]LibreELEC Generic: #1116w
LibreELEC RPi: #1116w
LibreELEC RPi2: #1116w

Awesome, thanks. I added the links to the second post.
Thanks. Will give it a go
Impressive Love

When I saw that you added a browser for the Emby libraries, I thought that you might have forgotten, or not noticed, that library access was manged server side. But I must admit that library selection with a default to all libraries, is really nice. It was easy to just add the smallest library and test, instead of waiting for all the libraries of a certain media type to sync.

I suspect that for users of Emby for Kodi, the ability to watch while the initial syncing is occurring will be something of a novelty. The initial sync can be over an hour on a slower device and during that time the library is not available for use.

The sync is not finished, but so far the tagging seems to be working. The movies libraries are separate. More after the sync.

All in All. Great improvement.

BTW. I am able to install skins now.

Glad you like it and thanks again for the feedback.

The next thing I'll probably look into is websocket support. I'll use it as the playground for on-the-fly updates as an addition to full syncs.

Can one of the Emby users explain to me about the "Sync" feature which is only available with a subscription? I didn't do much investigation and maybe I'm confusing terms but what is possible with and without the subscription concerning keeping a local library in sync with the central library?
Paging @angelblue05
Emby for Kodi does not currently support Sync. I am not sure if @angelblue05, @xnappo, @null_pointer, @im85288 or @marcelveldt has done research with the aim to add it. Luke would be able to say what is or is not available without Emby Premiere. At first glance it seems that all three sync features require a Emby Premiere subscription. If added this would only be the third client of Emby Server to support it

The link below gives an overview of MobileSync, CloudSync and FolderSync

MobileSync looks a lot like the the previously proposed GSOC project by @Fice. A framework to copy content and sync playback data to and from a mobile client.

CloudSync and FolderSync offers a way to backup to and use a remote location as a media/file source.

I will post in the Emby forums. Hopefully someone will respond.

Right I'm not primarily interested in syncing the actual media files. I'm only interested in the metadata. Looks like that should be possinle without Premiere.
I see. I posted in the forum, hopefully someone will respond.

I have managed to set up 2 clients and 2 servers. One windows client, the previous build, and a LibreELEC x86. The servers are windows 10 Emby, and a LibreELEC RPi 2 UPnP, the last Jarvis build. They connect and sync metadata fine. So far I have only tested music videos, they are short so it easy to use to check watch state. It seems that watch state is not been updated across the clients only locally. I will set up a RPi will the lastest build to be sure.

BTW. For music videos imported from Emby, Year says 0 while from the UPnP source it has the correct year.

I have some other observations to share but I have to run out for a few hours.

(2016-11-18, 18:39)Montellese Wrote: [ -> ]Right I'm not primarily interested in syncing the actual media files. I'm only interested in the metadata. Looks like that should be possinle without Premiere.

Correct - you don't need a subscription for anything to do with metadata syncing. The Sync feature referred to related to premiere is copying the actual media, which our addon does not support either.

Confusingly(sorry), there is also a server side plugin called SyncQueue which (basically) keeps track of web socket messages so that a list of things changed since 'date x' can be requested at startup when the client has been off.

Websocket code is here:

Interfacing with SyncQueue addon here:
Jenkins for Windows is finally well again so here is the latest test build for Windows: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/test-builds/win32...import.exe (http://mirrors.kodi.tv/test-builds/win32...import.pdb)