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Full Version: Media importing and library integration (UPnP, Emby, Plex, ...)
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Thanks to Memphiz there are now also an OSX and an iOS test build (see last release post).

(2015-05-18, 02:02)SHJordan Wrote: [ -> ]Hi there, good night.

Would it be possible to integrate major 3d subtitles formats? like .ass .ssa .sub and .idx over UPNP.

Also, will there be major improvments on the wifi upnp transfer and cache rates? i'm saying it because sometimes it is just messed up by something grim. Like HBO opening [static logo coming out and forming] which makes barely impossibly to cache... making stuff goes mad like cache 0% then 3% than 2% lol i mean... weird as hell, Ethernet seems to be ok though.
The goal of this work is not to improve streaming over UPnP. It merely uses UPnP as a way to access the media library of another machine. Obviously playback will also happen over UPnP but that's just taken as-is for now.
PLEX can do this already.

I run a PLEX Media Server for my android devices, for syncing etc.

Now to have KODI sync with PLEX?
Now you step back from your PC 5 steps and only come back once the feature which is discussed in this thread (syncing kodi with kodi btw) is done and stable. And then you may come back to ask for integration of sync between Kodi and PLEX.

You might have realized that this thread was posted in the Development forum which means its meant to be used by developers and users which are testing this feature and reporting problems. Its no feature request thread.

And the answer is no
Good day Montellese

I really like the way this project is going and am willing to offer my "live" environment as a testbed for you (W.A.F depending Smile

Currently I run Kodi on a headless Microserver running Windows 7, on a Raspberry Pi B, on two client machines running Windows 7 and 10, on a Windows 8.1 Intel tablet, as well as on 2 Android devices (Galaxy Note 2 phone and Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet).

The server is the main source, on 24/7 and updated with a curl command every 5 minutes. All the clients currently consume the media via UPNP shared on SMB.

If at any time you want me to test something for you please feel free to send it over.

I have not been able to successfully sync my TV Episodes between my server and windows 10 machine (currently the only devices involved with this test).

I found that one series reads 3000+ seasons. I think I found the reason: On the server I had an empty TV series folder with a .nfo file, thus Kodi picked it up, yet there are no seasons or episodes in it. Can you investigate that behaviour? I have deleted the series in the meantime and will try a full sync again tonight.

Wow, I've been waiting for something like this ever since I tried and failed the MySQL approach. I have 5 RPi's running Kodi but have just bought a Alienware Alpha (AA) gaming computer that I plan to run Kodi on and take one of the RPi's out of the rotation. I have a few questions.

1. Do xbmc favorites transfer to the client?

2. Will Millhouse's load continue to update through OpenElec? Should I turn off auto update?

3. My content is stored on my nas. Will this keep everything synced when the nas is asleep?

4. The RPi's are always on. I was thinking of using the AA as master but I want to power it down when not in use. Should I just use the RPi's as master or am I missing something?

5. I'm currently using xbmc Library Auto Update. Should I continue using it or not? (does this app fulfill it's purpose?)

6. Right now, I just image my master sd card and restore to the other's when needed. My plan was to use the AA as master, setup no sources on the RPi's and use this app to setup all of my sources on the master. (It makes it a little more complicated not using AA as master.) What do you suggest?

Sorry for all of the questions but want to go in prepared.

Thank you.
Remember guys, if you see bugs, you need to post debug logs in this thread.
(2015-05-26, 02:09)natethomas Wrote: [ -> ]Remember guys, if you see bugs, you need to post debug logs in this thread.

Hi, I can post the debug logs, however there is nothing strange in there, just a couple of thousand rows of "importing season X where X goes from 1 to ~3000".

I will cleanup my logs and turn on debug on both the master and slave devices and post them, perhaps I am missing something Smile
When you see bugs you post debug logs
Hi all.

Before starting to play with this, I want ot be sure that I have understand what UPnP sync can (or can't) do.

First, is UPnP sync is the substitute for Kodi+MySQL ? A headless Kodi running on a small device (NAS or RPi) and sharing sources through UPnP can replace a MySQL server ?

In my house, I have :
- Ready-NAS RN102 for serving files and hosting MySQL DB
- laptop running Kodi and (url=http://kodi.wiki/view/XBNE_Video_Database_Editor]XBNE[/url] for scraping / adding / editing movies, tv shows, ..
- HTPC running OpenELEC 5.0.0 in the living room
- RPi2 running RetroPie in my daughter play room

Movies are separated in 3 categories (Parent's movies, Children's movies, Cartoons) using smart playlists. Parent's movies are only available on HTPC.

With UPnP sync, I will be able to hide parent's movies on RPi2 ?

And what about artworks ? Discart, logo, ... are sync through UPnP ?
This cannot completely replace mySQL yet, but that is the ultimate objective. Having said that, the entire scope available via mySQL is not usually used by some people, ie separate databases for separate profiles etc. So for some of us this media import approach could do it. My sticking point is similar to yours, how do I separate different sections of my library, Kids Movies, Kids Series, Sports, Docu Series etc.

Just curious, how do separate the Parent's Movie using a smart playlist. If like me you use a folder path then, this approach will not do that yet. Montellese has suggested using tags. It could be a lot of work to tag an existing library. My thought is that the solution might be a plugin that tags each item in the library with a source tag such as , Kids Movies, Docu Series, Cartoons, Kids Series etc. Then we could easily make smartplaylist or video nodes that separate them using these tags. If I had such a plugin, I would start using right now.
My smart playlists are based on path, like you Wink
No posts for 2 weeks. Is this app still in development? Would someone using it please give their thoughs. I'm very interested. Thanks.
(2015-06-09, 12:09)porterx Wrote: [ -> ]No posts for 2 weeks. Is this app still in development? Would someone using it please give their thoughs. I'm very interested. Thanks.

now we have two new posts, so it's still in development Smile

@porterx - I know you had good intentions with your question, but the way you asked is way out of place. This is a development thread, so you either have a qualified comment related to this work in progress or you have nothing to post in here. If you want to know how it is, be of help and go and test it and report any issues you find or suggest improvements. If you want to follow development of this more closely, go and check the github branch that's linked in the very first post of this thread. Also, please keep in mind that this stuff is done in the sparetime, so it's quite likely that development will stall from time to time as there are more important things in life.
Oops. Sorry. I'm not a heavy forum user so didn't realize the protocol. Text speak sometimes doesn't come across as intended. Lesson learned. Thanks for the heads up.