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Full Version: Orbsmart S82 (Android) + INVERTO IDL 400S SAT IP NETZWERKTUNER + (Synology D215J
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Hy everyone,

so - i got a problem with the constellation in the subject.
I read a lot about different PVR Clients and Front and Backends but i do not think my case was explained somewhere! Hopefully this is the right corner of this forum.

So - in my constellation i would like to have the LIVE-TV Menu in Kodi in which an AddOn grabs the Sat>IP Stream of the Inverto Multibox.

Next to Kodi, i Installed the Elgato Sat>Ip Software for Android. This one runs fine, except of the uncomfortable handling but it works!

Probably there is no AddOn (yet) which is able to grab the Sat>IP protocol. For this case the Inverto Multibox is sending out a DLNA stream with all TV Programs. Under the Video menu of Kodi i am able to use them, but this is even more uncomfortable then the Elgato Software!

So – is there someone out there who has an running installation with SAT>IP an Kodi as Live-TV Mode?

Thx for help - Olli
Use tvheadend as backend, it supports SAT>IP.