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Full Version: Kodi installation problem
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Hi: I bought an MX3 box with xbmc pre - installed. After installing the latest version of Kodi...14.2.....it appears that nothing has changed. When I click on video it open up to show xbmc. So I'm not sure Kodi installed properly. All of the stuff I read on google is outdated. If someone could help me with installation I would be greatful...thank you.
I have the same box .... It installed the new XBMC as a app .... look within the left or right sides, just off the screen ... its kere named ... Kodi ... The version of XBMC that the box came with is a custom version not supported is why it never overwritten
Thanks for the reply..but where can i get the new xmbc...or is that just kodi. Also..will all of the xbmc apps run with kodi still...or do i have to search out a bunch of new stuff...thanks.
Kodi is the new name of XBMC. You can think of them as the same thing. See Kodi name change FAQ (wiki).