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Full Version: Scraping episode data returns null?
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recently I am having issues in getting new TV episode data from The TV DB

The log snippet from the OS X Console is:

2015-04-22 13:12:27,069 INFO [tmmpool-main-task-thread-4] o.t.c.t.tasks.TvShowUpdateDatasourceTask:152 - Done updating datasource Smile - took 00:00:06
2015-04-22 13:12:38,973 DEBUG [main] o.t.core.tvshow.TvShowList:321 - get instance of TheTvDbMetadataProvider
2015-04-22 13:12:42,725 WARN [tmmpool-unnamed-task-thread-5] com.omertron.thetvdbapi.tools.TvdbParser:142 - All Episodes error: Failed to download data from http://thetvdb.com/api/1A4971671264D790/...all/en.xml
2015-04-22 13:12:42,725 WARN [tmmpool-unnamed-task-thread-5] o.t.c.t.tasks.TvShowEpisodeScrapeTask:117 - Error getting metadata null

Anyone have ideas what I'm doing wrong here?

Thanks heaps
Can you send us the complete logs?
Which Series was this?
I hope this is what you're after Smile


And thank you for replying to me to help too
sorry for the late response - we've been really busy the last weeks (we also do have a real life job, family, ... Wink ).
looks like there is a wrong tvdb id for the show you wanted to scrape?

getting http://thetvdb.com/api/<API_KEY>/series/38049/all/en.xml

but looking at tvdb there is no show with the id 38049.
You can either do a new search for this show or enter the id in the show editor after you found it on thetvdb.com (look in the url for the show id)