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Full Version: IPTV PVR Simple Client
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After I uninstalled IPTV PVR simple client, I installef, apparently, some illegal add-on. The thread was shut down because I had violated rules. My bad. My ignorance. I was advised to reinstall Modi, because the add-ons are bundled, no need to go looking for pirated stuff. OK. I reinstalled Modi.Wanting again to watch Live TV I went to System Settings-Live Tv-Enabled, which closed the app. Tried same procedure several times same result: app closes when Enabled tapped. (Nexus 7 2013 Lollipop).
I made a mistake in downloading some non-Kodi stuff. I followed the advice to reinstall Modi app. Now I cannot do the Live TV routine.
Last week I HD no idea what IPTV is. This is still all very confusing.
Modi not Modi.
Do not know how to edit after posting
Oh Lord. I type K, but M is printed.
(2015-04-22, 16:23)brunchar Wrote: [ -> ]Oh Lord. I type K, but M is printed.

sounds like you have bigger issues PVR (wiki) is a good place to start
Do you mean Kodi crashes when you enable live TV?