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Full Version: EPG Confusion - Help Clarify
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Ok so I am working with two systems...OSX and OSMC for Pi. There is so much information in the main thread about the EPG but it's all over the place. Is there not a single place that explains how the EPG file works?

I keep seeing folks edit the file, but how do you know what to edit in those files? For example are you making static entries that will never change or are they just specific to icons? Basically I cannot get the EPG to display anything, let alone what I want it to display.

Anyways, any pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!
You need to configure the EPG in the addon settings, just like a channels-list. The EPG is in xmltv format (xml) and you need to find your own source for the channels that you have in your list.
The most common way is to generate your own xmltv file, take a loog at http://www.webgrabplus.com/

Also read this post from the addon author: