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Full Version: Need some help with IpTv Simple Client
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I am currently running Kodi Helix linux on a Pivos Xios DS media play with ICS I have IpTv simiple client up and running with one m3u file and have seen videos of people having more then one IpTv client running for multiple m3u files and also I have seen a simple client 2.I've been trying to get this to work so I can have more then one m3u file run at the same time.I've tried putting the IpTv simple client file to a usb stick and sd card but keep getting incorrect structure help please how do I get Iptv simple to a usb stick or a sd card and how can I get more then 1 m3u file working with Iptv simple client...

I am using a macbook air by the way thanks in advanced
I am looking for this answer too, I have seen Husham Memar youtube with 5 or so simple clients. I would imagine stopping live tv then checking it again then choosing sc2. Not really sure though and don't want to loose current setup, it has epg