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Full Version: 1080p Films being Labelled as 720p
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Might be a rather simple problem but I have spent hours searching and can not find the answer at all.
I have several films which are 1920x800 but these are being labelled as '720 HD Ready' instead of '1080 Full HD'.

Is there a setting somewhere for what consititutes a Full HD film?

Just want to get all my films labelled correctly.

1920 x 800 is only 720p. The measurement is in the height not the width. The number of ROWS that make up an image. So a "1080 full HD" video needs to be made up of at least 1080 ROWS of data.

If you are picking these videos up from Pirate sites it is very common for them to totally mislabel releases either because they don't know what they are doing or they are just trying to get more download stats.

Get yourself something like MediaInfo to let you check your video files. It will better explain what you really have.


First found it as part of the K-Lite pack and can't live without it now.
Not sure I'd agree there. Lots of cinemascope Blu-rays only contain 1920x820ish active picture, with additional black lines top and bottom to pad to 1080. They are still described as 1080p, and when shown at 1080p you get full 1920 horizontal resolution. Cropping the black out of the 1080 line image to 800 isn't reducing the resolution, it is just removing the black lines (a pointless exercise probably as the black will take almost no data to encode)

To describe these 1920x800 videos as 720p is incorrect as the 720p format only has 1280x720 resolution and a 1920x800 massively exceeds that in horizontal resolution and would need to be downscaled to 1280x533 to be displayed in 720p.

I think if horizontal resolution >1280 OR vertical resolution >720 then you have a fair bet that the content started off 1080i or 1080p.
I see what you're getting at noggin. It is the re-encoding optimisations that are causing the confusion. I cannot see how KODI is supposed to work out what isn't there though Smile

(And sorry - I didn't mean to say that 1920x800 was 720p... I was being lazy. I'm not pretending to be an expert and just talking shorthand)

So what does MediaInfo (and similar) tools actually say about these encoded files?
Lots of movies on blu-ray have an aspect ratio of 2.39:1. Since blu-ray movies are usually stored as 1920 x 1080, when you rip such a blu-ray to harddisk and crop the borders you'll end up with a 1920 x ~800 movie.
Technically that movie would be 800pSmile but most people will call it 1080p since that is what the movie would be in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
Afaik it is the skin that decides what to show as the vertical resolution, you could try another skin to see if that is more to your liking.
Skins use the resolution that Kodi sets and 1920x800 will be set at 1080 normally so there's something else wrong here. Use Media Info to show us exactly what the details are for these files.
So, if I get this right, the answer would be that the algorithm that says "720" or "1080" should be looking at the width *AND* the aspect ratio to work out 720 vs 1080.
This was an issue in the past http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/14585 and I've read about recent issues, you might want to see if the bug is nailed in the latest night lies.
Thanks for the replys all.

noggin has it correct that the films have just had the black bars cut off.

Using Mediainfo the ones I have an issue with are coming up as;
1920x800 - 240:1

But then I also have some with the same resolution/aspect and they are labelled as 1080.

It bugs me more than anything really,

If more info is needed let me know.