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Full Version: Same subs for everything, please help
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Firstly; my skills are rather basic here. I've used XBMC/Kodi on ATV2 for a couple of years, and now on FTV for a year or so. I usually figure stuff out my self, but it takes alot of googling and testing. Now I'm at a loss.

When I download subtitles for an episode, that usually works out just great. But for a week now, it seems to be stuck on one srt-file that it uses for every single file I play, series or movies, they all get subs from an arrow episode I watched a week ago. When I play a new file, it starts without subs as normal. I search for subs, get a match, download, and keep on playing the episode. But, it doesnt show the subs I downloaded, it plays the same arrow-subs no matter what.

I searched my disk for srt-files and cleared them out, that made no difference.
I manually downloaded subs through my laptop and manually browsed/loaded the file, with same result.
After this I went back to my laptop, opened the srt-file, wich was correct when I downloaded it, with wordpad, and it actually showed the arrow-subtitles!

It seems kodi or the subtitle addon overwrites all srt-files I load with that one old arrow-srt for some reason. I have no idea what to try next, should I just reinstall or get a nightly build? Or is this a known error with an easy fix? I can't seem to find a similar problem mentioned elsewhere.
I have the exact same problem since yesterday (not with arrow subs though but with AHS), I hope someone will come with a sollution