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Full Version: [AMLogic] SPMC - advancedsettings.xml not working for perfect 24p
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Here I was thinking that perfectly synced 23.976fps (24p) video playback was not possible on an Android media box with h264 / avc content.
In fact it is possible with a AMlogic equipped S805 ODROID-C1, running SPMC 14.2.0 and displayed on a 24p capable Sony TV. Smile
Its just not consistent, which is a shame really.

Perfect 24p / HEVC playback already works on the AMlogic S805 equipped OC1.

Test 1

- adjust display refresh rate to match video > on start/stop (chmod 666 also done to "mode" file)
- sync playback to display > enabled

Hardware acceleration:
- AMcodec > disabled
- libstagefright > enabled
- Mediacodec > enabled

Codec info will show am-h264 and pc:1 (pullup correction) when perfect 24p synced video is playing, even though AMcodec is disabled. In fact its using MediaCodec.

Log with AMcodec disabled (settings as per above)

Test 2

Hardware acceleration:
- AMcodec > enabled
- libstagefright > enabled
- Mediacodec > enabled

advancedsettings.xml file to try and force MediaCodec to play HD content and placed in:




Codec info this time will show am-h264 and pc:none and there will be a video frame hiccup every 40 seconds or so because the advancedsettings.xml file rules are not honoured. AMLcodec is decoding the content and not MediaCodec. Sad


The other issue is once a file is played and ffmpeg starts decoding the video, you can no longer get MediaCodec to decode. Even if it was successfully decoding previously. The same happens with AMcodec and HEVC files. Once ffmpeg takes over thats it. The only fix is a Reboot.

Question: (I suppose I'm really asking Koying)

How can I force SPMC to use MediaCodec to achieve perfect 24p sync for all content and exclude only mpeg2 and HEVC codecs ?

Excellent SD deinterlacing of 50Hz mpeg2 is also achieved using AMcodec.

If this can be possibly fixed please. AMcodec could be left enabled and perfect 24p video sync would then be possible for all h264 / avc / HEVC content on an cheap Android media box.