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Full Version: Helix Upgrade Then No Album Info
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I recently upgraded from Frodo to Helix 14.2. Windows 7 x64.

Outside of a few niggling things that I more less expected, there's a major problem with my music library. NONE of the albums for any of the artists are being found. I get artist bios, song info, but no album info.

I've tried most of my ideas except restoring the audio database from my last backup before the upgrade. Is this safe?

Any other ideas around?
Debug log will help and avoid the need for the psychics to be called in....

Is the music on the same computer, or accessed via the network?

What happens when you go into the Music \ Files section? Can you locate your music in there? (This is testing if the file and sharing rights are correct)

If you manually access a folder, can you play the music okay? (Can KODI reach and play the tracks even if they are not listed in the library)

Go into the list of sources and edit one. Change it to point somewhere else, save this, then come back in and change it back to the correct location. This will force KODI to rescan that location.

Restoring the old database could be tried. When moving from Frodo to Helix the database gets upgraded - I don't know when this happens if it is during installation or when KODI spots an older database. Assuming the latter, then I doubt it will hurt bringing in the old database as a test. (Just backup the new one so you can put it back if needed)
I realize I was not clear in my explanation of the problem.

Everything in the music library works fine. When I try to get the information for an ALBUM, it prompts me to enter the artist name, then of course doesn't find it. It doesn't even search for the album info. I can get info on the artist (bio), and the tracks from the album display and play perfectly. Everything but the album info works.

It's admittedly a minor problem, and I don't want to risk messing up the database just to solve this problem.

I have a test machine that was upgraded from Gotham to Helix and it works fine.
I am now getting confused as to what you are describing. I want to ask a question for clarification: Are you saying that every track of every album is correctly listed in KODI and playable? The *only* thing that does not work is attempting to click <i> for Information on an album or track? yet if you click <i> for information on an artist all the information is correctly displayed?

If yes, I have seen something like this happen before in my library when I am looking at an obscure band or album.

If I drill down and try to look at Madness \ The Business I am getting the issue you describe.

If I pick something common like Kylie Minogue \ Fever then I get the album information open up correctly.

So you are not going mad. There is something "odd" occurring. I previously put it down to obscure albums, but now I am not so sure after this quick test today. I'm going to have to investigate deeper later and see if I can find a pattern.
How are your albums named? Do they fit the scraper perfectly or are you putting extra info into your MP3 TAGs?

In my above example the reason that Madness \ The Business fails to display information is because the actual name of the album is The Business: The Definitive Singles Collection. So when the correct infomation is displayed, the album information will open. I think there is some kind of live look-up to the web that fails, but instead of then showing the locally stored information KODI drops out with the "not found" message

I have now gone and corrected the MP3 tag for the album to read The Business: The Definitive Singles Collection. then I went into the library and opened up Madness again and then did a Query info for all albums. this made the MP3 TAGS get updated. I could now see the "correct" name for the album. And sure enough, <i> for information now works.
I have no problem getting info on artists.
I have no problem getting info on individual tracks.
The ONLY problem is I am not getting info on albums. On ALL albums!

Even the Beatles albums fail. I get a prompt asking me to type in the name of the artist, then KODI fails to find it.

This started happening after the upgrade to Helix. It worked perfectly in Eden. It worked perfectly in Frodo. My naming and tags have been meticulous.
Scraper is TheAudioDB Album Scraper.

It's not naming.
It's not tags.

A copy of this same music folder works fine on my test Helix system.

Like I said, I've tried everything except restoring the database. I'll try that on the weekend. Thanks for your thoughts.
Sorry if this is a daft suggestion, but it is hard to tell what has been tried. Sometimes when issues like this occur we can forget to check the obvious. Have you looked in the KODI settings to check which scraper is in use?

Maybe toggle the scraper back and forth in Settings\Music\Library? Flick it to "Local Data", save, then back to "The AudioDb Album Scraper". It could be using the wrong lookup some how...

I just use the default "Universal Album Scraper" and not really experimented with other scrapers too much yet.
I tried both of those things with no change.
Debug log time I think. There should be some hint in there as to why it is failing the lookups.

The fact that this is happening to *all* the albums is good as that implies one single common fault.
OK, I moved the entire Music folder to another location, updated the library and cleaned the database. Then I deleted the source.

I moved the Music folder back to its original location, created a new source, and updated the database. All of the albums that have information in TheAudioDB are now fixed and I also have track data (which I had before). It looks like that did the trick.

It wasn't a crucial issue, but it was troubling since it didn't seem to work like before.

Incidentally, it turns out that The Universal Album Scraper gets its album info from TheAudioDB.
Glad you found a solution. I know what you mean about it not being crucial, but confusing things like this can drive me a little bonkers. Big Grin