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Full Version: how to setup chinese keyboard
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I am setting this box up for chinese. I have addons working and chinese script on the addons. I can't seem to find a way to make the keyboard chinese. I can't read chinese but I know the interface of kodi. When I go to the keyboard in settings chinese is not listed. I tried an addon and it would not work it got a script fail. The keyboard needs to write chinese. This is for my wife and getting her to translate from chinese to english is a lost cause. I would really appreciate some help. This is an mxq with the s802 chipset.
wait... I'll try to add chinese keyboard layout to kodi 16.
Thanks but I found a keyboard script that did work. I can click on left side top slot and then click on numbers and characters come up.
Hi firstforme, how to install the Chinese keyboard addon? I'm using a Samsung S5 Android phone to run kodi. I don't know much about programming. Please help. Thank you!

Hi taxigps, it would be really nice to have Chinese keyboard officially on kodi. Thank you for the good news! (wish it would come sooner ;--)