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Full Version: Kodi not playing DVD ifo
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I have 2 Kodi systems. The main system is running openelec on a chromebox. The second system is running openelec on a raspberry pi. I keep the library on the main system and use Upnp to access it on the second system. I use the systems mainly to stream a library of movies stored on a NAS. My newer files ripped to mkv stream well to both systems. My problem is trying to play older DVDs ripped to individual files (ifo, bub, vob) and it's only a problem on the Pi system. Yes, I have the mgp2 codec installed on the Pi and it's working because if I go to file mode and manually select a vob file it plays fine.

So for some reason the Pi system doesn't know what to do with the ifo file. I've searched and tried everything I can think of. Ideas?
I believe this is a uPnP limitation. Try accessing the file though nfs or smb.
Damn, looks like you're right. I wanted to keep from maintaining separate databases and didn't want to go back to the SQL database I used to have, but when I scan the files directly from the Pi everything works. Oh well, thanks for the help.