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Full Version: changing skin font (stupid noob question)
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I'm wanting to change the default font color for the skin I'm using and the wiki doesn't seen to cover it, so can someone please tell me what's involved to do this?

Do I have to update defaults.xml in colors/? or something in another xml?. I know skins may use specific [COLOR] assigements within them so I know it won't be a 100% skin update but if someone has pointers on how to start with this then thank you.

Yes, stupid noob question. Apologies.

Both. Wink
Thanks Hitcher, didn't think it would be a simplish thing to do. Will put it to the bottom of my to do list as I think it'll take a bit more knowledge on my side to do correctly.

Still looking into this, I've gone through most of the code and done that side but for some strange reason i can't update the defaul font color. I've edited defautls.xml in the colors folder and changed all references of the hex code for the existing color with the new color and saved it but when I re-start or re-load it is still the original default color.

Is there something else somewhere that I've missed?

What do you mean by default font colour?
Hi Hitcher,

When the skin loads, the home screen, even the start up spinner etc have what I'm calling the default font color for the skin, as shednox is a variation of Nox then I it is a blue / turquoise / ocean color. I id'd the hex for the color and found it in the defaults.xml and then replaced all the relevant entries in defaults with the hex for the new color but upon restarting / reloading it is still the main ocean color. I know I can simply go into settings and change it but wanted to associated a different standard / default color for my version of it.

What I can find on the subject it seems updating defaults.xml in /colors should have been enough but I must be doing something wrong or missing something else?
You''ll have to find that actual label control and see what it's using for it's textcolor.
Yeah, tried that approach but get as far as this


And can't find diffuse_videolibrary?