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Full Version: Bluetooth controls
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I have Bluetooth headphones that I use to watch movies and TV shows on my android table but the Bluetooth controls like play/pause and skip do not work in kodi. Is there a way to get these controls to work?
We'll need a debug log (wiki) where you try to use those buttons, so that we can see what's coming to Kodi.
Not sure, but I've seen this as well with bluetooth headphones. I'll try playing around with them today and see if I figure anything out.

One button sort of works. The double skip forward button ( >>| ) preforms the large skip back (-10 min) it should do a large skip forward (+10 min.) I used this button when I created the log so it should bee in there. The main button I want working is the play/pause button I probably won't use the other buttons, I just want to point out the button that does preform a action but it is opposite of what it should do. The buttons on my headphones do work on other apps.

The headphones I am using are the Photive PH - BTH3.