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Full Version: Issue with Wireless Logitech and Kodi 14.1 on Android Kitkat
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Hi ,

I have a box (Xtreamer) with Android Kitkat and Kodi 14.1 installed.
I have also a USB hub attached where I put the USB devices such as mouse etc...

Here s my problem :
My logitech wireless headset does not work through Bluetooth so I turn it on via the USB adapter.
If I go to Kodi and play a standard avi file, it works !
BUT if I play a dolby Digital or DTS file, I have a distorted sound.

I try to play around and whatever I did so far leads nowhere !
1/ I try to switch off the bypass in the settings of Kodi and I lost sound AND the image is all the sudden very halting.
2/ I try also to use Soundabout as a thread advised to but it comes the same problem : a full distorted sound

If you have any suggestion, I will welcome them as I m running out of ideas !
Thanks in advance,

Disable audio passthrough in the audio settings.
Thanks Ned.
When I do that, I don t have sound anymore and the image on the screen is speed by x2 for an unknown reason.
Then something is very very broken.
Thanks Ned !!
I finally have feedback from Xtreamer who seems to be aware of the situation.
Therefore, nothing Kodi should be accounted for Smile