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Full Version: Buffering
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Read a ton of info on here re buffering difficulty
Finally selected what I thought was the best format for my system after testing a few streaming sources at different times of
the day. (advancesettings.xml)
Opened KODI userdata file and cut and paste the .xml.
Did another round of testing, the file never changed a thing.
Using o(oh) on the keyboard while playing a video gave me 2 cache readings. Either 10 max or 20 max, depending what source I used.
No matter what value I used it never increased or decreased the 10 or 20.
I had read some users are able to set to 60 and some to 100.
I have obviously done something wrong, but have no idea what.
Any help, please
What settings did you use? Is there any buffering? I wouldn't trust what you read on the codecinfo screen (when you press "o"). It's either buffering or not. Keep in mind that no amount of cache tweaking will actually make a slow server any faster. Cache tweaking only helps when people are in borderline situations or have only occasional drop outs in network speed.