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Full Version: Movies in Multiple Moviesets?
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I'm a new user of TMM. Just added my entire collection of movies and TV shows to TMM, and I'm really impressed with all the functionality so far! As far as moviesets are concerned, is there any way I can add a particular movie to more than one movieset? I'm done scraping moviesets from TMDB, but I desire to add a few moviesets manually. I collect movies directed by a few top directors, but what if the movies they directed also form part of a series? Say, I have all the movies directed by Christopher Nolan, but the 3 Batman movies directed by him would end up in the Dark Knight collection. Is there any way to add those 3 movies ALSO to a collection of movies directed by Christopher Nolan?

On a related note, is there support to bulk-add movies to moviesets?

Thank you so much in advance!
it is designed that a movie belongs to exactly one movie set.

that you might want to do is to "tag" movies. (e.g. all PIXAR movies get the tag PIXAR, all Christopher Nolan films get the tag "NOLAN" and so on).

have a look at the bulk editor - there you can edit multiple movies at once (assign to a movie set; add tags, ..) -> right click on the selected movies in the list and choose "Bulk edit selected movies"