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Full Version: Problem installing Tvheadend on openelec
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Hi i'm trying to install tvheadend on openelec 5.0.8 on an intel nuc using this http://intelnuc.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/e...n-nuc.html guide but tvheadend does not show up in services, i can't find it anywhere. I've used my pc browser to point to openelec ipaddress:9981 but it won't connect. When i enable tvheadend htsp client i get a connection lost error. Anyone know where i'm going wrong?
If anyone else has this problem, tvheadend (backend) is now in in unofficial addons see here http://unofficial.addon.pro/
I was looking the web for hours now how to install TVHEADEND on an OpenElec 15.1 on a RasPi. I always found hints to http://unofficial.addon.pro/. But the description there is wrong!

On the UI it does not show up like this! On the page, where you're supposed to find "Get-Addons" you only find

my Add-Ons
Install from a repository
Install from a ZIP
System add-ons

So how should I proceed?
(2015-10-19, 00:34)HansX1 Wrote: [ -> ]So how should I proceed?

Install from repository
From which repository? Using "Install from repository" I only find "Kodi Addon-Repository" and there I don´t find TVHeadend in neither of the subfolders.
install the zip


make sure you refresh it

then add from repo->openelec unofficial ->services ->tvheadend
Don't install random ZIP files, you can install the unofficial repository from the official repository.
Thanks for yout help guys, but I don´t understand why nothing of that works for me.

1st) I checked for updates using the page on the left of the UI. But the Unofficial repository did´nt show up.
2nd) I installed the ZIP and did the "check for updates" again, but under -> services there is still nothing. After clearing "hide incompatible" I find some incompatible things under Unofficial repository->services. The context menu for the unofficial repository only shows "add-on infomation" with no way to refresh anything.
Seems that I found the reason in front of the monitor ... Since the UIs of Kodi and OpenElec are so similar, I didn´t realise that I had Kodi on my windows machine and not OpenElec. So I have to search for TVHeadEnd for Kodi.
On my raspi downstears OpenElec is running and works like described above!
Okay, so what do you want to do/install exactly?
In fact I just want to realise that I can also record TV-Programs via timers. The PVR IPTV Simple Client does not support recording so I thought TVHeadend would help. In my living room I run a raspi with OpenElec and on the second floor is a Win7 PC that is easier to control. That´s why I try everything first upstairs before I copy the results to the raspi.

But even with TVHeadEnd installed I still cannot record the TV programm...
You need to tell tvheadend where to put your recordings.
had same problem more than once with openelec with kodi helix, XD

you need tvheadend client and also tvheadend backend.

i couln't find tvheadend backend too, but it is hidden in addons/getaddons/Unofficial openelec(your plataform) addons/services/tvheadend

I guess that I've added the Unofficial OpenELEC in getaddons/openelec mediacenter os addons/addon repository/unofficial openelec (your plataform addons)

to access the web gui go to http://tv_box_ip:9981/extjs.html?