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Full Version: Recordings Sort Order
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Hi all, not sure if this is a plugin issue or a skin issue. But I've noticed where there are multiple recordings of a show, the sort order appears wrong. I need to check a bit deeper but I think the sorting is happening on the folder date as opposed to most recent date of most recent recording. For instance if there were 10 episodes and one was recorded in November last year but the most recent was recorded this month, the sorting would have that folder amongst recordings from November rather than May. Sorting of individual episodes seems fine. If I switch off grouping, the individual episodes sort into the right place. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
I'm having the same annoyance. It's the last thing keeping my wife from accepting Kodi over Mediaportal.

I want to order by date, but mix folders and single recordings.

Like this:

2pm today - A show (5 recordings)
1pm today - A Single recording
3am today - Another show (3 recordings)
6pm yesterday - Another single recording
4pm yesterday - Yet another single recording
ages ago - A whole bunch of recordings (15 recordings)

You get the idea.

Groups of recordings should show either the channel logo as the thumbnail or the latest recording in the groups thumbnail.
I just installed Isenguard on another machine and when I set up Argus, I noticed an option for 'single recordings in a folder' at the bottom of the Argus PVR plugin. It resolved the sorting issue. I don't remember seeing it on the older version, but it might be there.