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Full Version: Cannot "librarify" japanes movie
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There is a certain japanese movie that is properly handled by the moviedb scrapper and shows the right english summary as well as artwork. Kodi can play it fine, it even shows the right subtitles. Unfortunatelly, I can only "see" it in the files view, there it even has the proper japanese characters as title which is probably exactly the problem.

I can't see the file in the library view, I can't see it in "recent movies", I can't assign a tag and I can't rename it to something else. I even tried adding it as a favorite. There, I can "rename" it but it still doesn't show up in the library view.

Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109412/

Please help.


Use the Universal movie scraper. In the scraper settings use Preferred Title Language from = USA/International. That should fix the title to show using the title you see on IMDB.
I've had this problem since upgrading somewhere along the line too. I'm using TMDB as the scraper. TMDB has the foreign title in its database but it does not show in the Kodi library. Navigate to the FOLDER in Kodi that contains the title and enter it. Scan your titles until you find it. Once you do, bring up the context menu and select edit title. Delete the foreign characters and type in the English name just like it is at tmdb.org. The title should now show in your library. Manually refresh from the info screen. It may not be sorted alphabetically and will most likely appear as the last title in your collection. There were times it did sort properly but not since upgrading to the latest nightly.
Or....just use the Universal scraper like I mentioned above. It can grab the data from the TMDB as well.