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Full Version: acestreams?
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Is it possible to get IPTV Simple Client to play acestream urls?
Nope. Acestream is a method of using p2p protocols to play videos back. IPTV Simple Client only works with basic video streams in a playlist. Something would need to work in between the two for it to work.
Well I have the p2p-streams plugin which seems to load acestreams from their parsers ok. I was just wondering how I can link to an acestream from my addon or from the PVR. It seems to be possible, as I see other addons like SportsDevil linking to `acestream://<hash>` links.
So this works in a normal addon:


But not in IPTV Simple PVR
All PVR addons (not only IPTV Simple) doesn't support links like plugin://. This is PVR system's limitation.
That would be an awesome feature, loading the plugin like that.
I'm working on a way to get them to play using iptvsimple. Well, it doesn't really use the pvr addon (nor any plugin:// paths) since the time needed till we have a playable url can be a bit long for the http request timeout. So basically I'll have an http server in python running since startup and by calling a specific url through iptvsimple it will trigger p2p-streams and let's you play the stream through the live tv on kodi. Same for sopcast (below is an example):

That is really some fine work enen92. Smile Let us know if you need testers.

The "http server in python" you mention here, is that a service-addon in Kodi or a separte entity outside Kodi?
It's a service addon, more precisely, p2p-streams itself using a service extension point (that can be disabled by the user). Those are quite trivial to do in python. See here for example:


The same can be applied easily to other plugins. Except to those with rtmp links, couldn't figure out a way of redirect the http request to the rtmp stream.
The new version 3.1 beta2 of ACE Stream Media and later support local HTTP "proxy". To get stream over HTTP you need open a link like following
where content_id is ID of requested content.
engine_address & engine_port are those ip and port of a server\pc that is running acestream?
I think so. Here is more info