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Full Version: Nexus player and boblight add on
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Does anyone have success installing the boblight add on when using Kodi on the nexus player?
isn't the nexus player android based? If so you should just be able to install the addon and it should also download the needed library when enabled at the first time. The boblight daemon needs to be on a different box though (as i am not aware of a android compiled version of the daemon).
Yes, the nexus player is running Android 5.0. I was hoping to connect to the boblight daemon that is running on a windows machine in the same manner I connect Kodi running on an Amazon FireTV. The boblight addon will install in Kodi on the Nexus player......but every time I start Kodi, I get a prompt that says " This addon needs a binary library. Should the addon try to download it for you?". I obviously then select yes, and it appears to download. Perhaps, there is a way I could manually install the binary library needed for the boblight addon to work?
Also, was able to get a quick picture of when it is attempting to download the binary library. It attempts to download from http://mirrors.xbmc.org/build-deps/addon...naries/lib

Is that the proper download URL? When I type that address in a browser, there appears to be no such directory?
Maybe something in the directory structure changed in android 5.0. The boblight addon tries to download and load to/from this folder:


That is the library that needs to be extracted to that mentioned directory:


While thinking about it i realise that we only support android-arm atm. Is the nexus player x86 maybe? ^^
Ahhh.......yes the processor is x86. So, I'm out of luck?
Mmhhhh i need to compile an android-x86 version of the libboblight.so and deploy it to our mirrors. Thats the easy part. After that i need to update the boblight addon so that it detects if it runs on arm or x86 android. The latter might be the harder part.
Cool.....let me know how I might be able to assist in any way! Thanks Memphiz! If you're able to compile an android-x86 version.....could we for now manually drop libboblight.so to the proper directory to get things working?
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(2015-05-08, 17:17)jmoore395 Wrote: [ -> ]Cool.....let me know how I might be able to assist in any way! Thanks Memphiz! If you're able to compile an android-x86 version.....could we for now manually drop libboblight.so to the proper directory to get things working?

Not so fast. If i do this you might have a working setup and vanish and i don't have a tester for doing it properly. Most likely i will provide you with a test version of boblight addon for you to test and confirm. Stay tuned for the next 3 hours ...
sounds great, take your time, as I won't be able to test until later this evening. Thanks Memphiz!
FYI....always willing to test for the benefit of the community
I'm not a developer, but looked at the tools.py file which looks like its responsible for determining the system platform. Will the return variable for android always just be "android"? If so, could you ask the user installing the addon to answer the question of x86 or arm if the get_platform() function simply just returns the value of "android"?

or found this in another forum.....potentially helpful?? (Android is Unix based ....right??)

You can use Python's os module to obtain this information through uname:
import os

This function should provide platform and other information on most Linux or Unix-like distributions.

From the Python documentation:


Return a 5-tuple containing information identifying the current operating system. The tuple contains five strings: (sysname, nodename, release, version, machine). Some systems truncate the nodename to eight characters or to the leading component; a better way to get the hostname is socket.gethostname() or even socket.gethostbyaddr(socket.gethostname()).

Availability: recent flavors of Unix.
Thx for digging this up but i already new what to do Wink (and you digged perfectly right btw - grats Big Grin)

here you go:

Thanks Memphiz! I will try it tonight and report back asap.
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