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Full Version: [SOLVED] Need a tiny bit of help with custom images
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I changed the menu buttons to a more glassy look, with a blue reflection way back. I have since lost those changes.

I thought there was a way to put the altered images in skin directory, and it would over ride the images compiled with the skin. I do not recall having to recompile the skin for testing.

I downloaded the current Transparency SVN, so I have all of the images in the..\Transparency Skin\trunk\media folder with the proper names.

I tried putting the altered images in the root, 720, media, and other existing folders under the root transparency skin, and they do not show up.

Has there been a change with they way they are loaded from past versions of XBMC? Perhaps Kodi lost the ability somewhere to look for these images?
make sure there's no Textures.xbt file in the media directory. that should be all.
That was it! Thanks so much for the fast reply!

+1 for you!