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Full Version: A question about how TMM works
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I'm looking for TMM to look after my media library on a NAS server which will be accessed by Kodi on a Minix X8 media player.

I have a few thousand movies and TV series residing on a NAS server running Linux. The server is accessed via my Windows PC as it sees the server as just another folder on the network.

On the server I have a number of folders named Movies, New Movies, TV Series, New TV Series and a number of others.

Will TMM modify these folders and rename if necessary or will it create it own database from the existing folders and move all the data across?
well, you might need TMM to perfectly clean and update your library for MediaCentres like Kodi (and others).
We just work with your local files.

Usual approach:
First, you'll need to import your folders into TMM.
Then you need to scrape the metadata of your movies online, and download all the nice artworks. (basically same as Kodi scrapers, but more control)
Everything will be stored in the same directory as your movie/show, correctly named for easy importing.
After that, you could rename your movies/shows to a standard, which then in return works out-of-the-box when importing to Kodi (most useful for tv shows)

give it a try Wink
more information can be found here: http://www.tinymediamanager.org/

Thanks for the reply Myron.

When you say "you'll need to import your folders into TMM" does this mean TMM physically moves all the movies/shows into it's data base and my folders are no longer needed?
No, we just maintain an internal database of all your files, to know what you have.
But your folders are always the master.
We do not touch or move any files/folders, beside you did choose to do so.
Same as Kodi and other apps.
Can the folders be any name? I have 2 folders for movies, 'Movies' and 'New Movies' and 2 folders for TV, 'TV Series' and 'New TV Series'.
You can have hundrets of "datasources" - we don't care.
(all the movies/shows stay always on the same datasource - we don't move them around)
Thanks Myron