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Full Version: New. Need help. Video . Escape files
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When I hit video it now goes to this screen:
Video Add One

How do I get out of this? I just want the basic ability to turn on a show. Thanks!
You are in the wrong forum section. This is for music add-ons which is probably why you haven't had an answer.

Not quite sure what you are asking. To get back from that screen hit the back arrow (look down at bottom right hand corner of the screen). Or hit BACK on yoru mouse. Or Backspace key on keyboard.... etc.

The KODI wiki is a good place to start: http://kodi.wiki/

Do remember though that KODI is just the media player, it doesn't come with shows built in. You have to add the media yourself. KODI will need pointing at your video collection before it can list the shows you have.