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Full Version: UPnP Audio Track order alphabetic not track number order
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I have the following problem.

Raspberry Pi 2/OSMC/Kodi -> UPnP server -> Music Library.

The album tracks are displayed locally in track order. :-)
Other UPnP clients display the album tracks in alphabetic order. :-(
This is a showstopper for me. I would like them in track order.

Referring to http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/10974 this has been an issue before. There is a telling comment on the ticket closure :-

"as per elupus's thoughts, we use the sort criteria passed by client devices, falling back to the default sort method specified in GUIViewState."

Could someone please help me to find out if and how it is possible to use the GUIViewState to get the UPnP client to display the albums in track order.

I know it is not a problem with the client. I have another UPnP server running Twonky which works fine. Or maybe the client is asking for track order and Twonky can do this but Kodi does not.

Many thanks in advance

I have this same problem, when I select an album to play with a UPnP client, it only displays tracks alphabetical order. In older versions of XBMC/KODI songs were being played with a UPnP client (e.g, mConnect) in track order but something has changed. How can I fix this?
Thank you,
Nine months since it was reported here, I also have this problem on Raspberry Pi 2 OSMC, using UPnP.

When I browse tracks using the Music folder, they are sorted by the track title, even though Kodi knows what the track number is, because it's on the screen. I was unable to find an option to change the sort order. (I'm accessing Kodi via the Android app Yatse).

It's hard to believe such a basic problem has persisted for so long. It's completely unusable for any live performance recording, presenting it in what amounts to a random order.

I think I may have some success accessing these files via the Video folder, because that area doesn't seem to waste time with metadata, preferring to focus on the file name.

OK. User error. By using the left arrow, while in the folder showing the songs, you get a menu that flies in from the left, which allows changing the sort to track order. How a person is supposed to know this magic menu exists is a mystery. But at least it works.
I agree, the sidebar hides a lot of stuff from people. Even those who know that it's there can easily forget what options it contains.