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Full Version: Substring left on letter 'd' issue
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I'm using the following visible:

<visible>SubString(ListItem.Title,a,Left) | SubString(ListItem.Title,b,Left) | SubString(ListItem.Title,c,Left) | SubString(ListItem.Title,d,Left)</visible>

It works fine for a to c, and for e through to z in 4 other variations of it but for some reason it will not work with 'd'? To confirm I removed the visible completely and the relevant label appeared correctly but once this visible was re-instated it, the label did not appear.

Has anyone encountered this before and if so did you find a solution?

Is this a bug?


Ha, I was just searching for that thread ronie. Wink
Thanks Gents. I didn't find that when searching prior to posting.

Seems it's a strange on on Win 7 perhaps, seems manfeed found a workaround but that would mean another bunch of visibles for 'da' to 'dz'.