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Full Version: How well does amber work on Android TV Boxes?
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How well does amber work on Android TV Boxes?
I have a Basic Android TV Box
I use it for the standard Add-ons for watching streams, wont mention any names.
and also music streaming across the internet
I have only used Confluence until now.
I like the vertical menu and customization of the backgrounds per page.

Just wondering if there are any downsides to this skin that I havent noticed yet?
it just seems very smooth & nice.

Well I can't speak for Android boxes, but it runs very well on my original Raspberry Pi, which has trouble running some more demanding skins. Amber has always been known for being easy on low-power devices, so you should have no problems.
Install the skin and try it out.
I use it on mine and it seems fine. Great skin!
it works excellently on Fire TV which is android
(2015-05-18, 09:19)Frozin Wrote: [ -> ]Install the skin and try it out.

good idea, I don't know why I didn't think of that...

Thanks for your input everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had any downsides for it.
I am liking it so far.
Only downside I see is the Empty Pages until you actually click
i'm using it on a vert setting

I added a Video tab that goes straight to the Video add-ons & removed the stock Videos Tab
I just wish all the tabs / pages had configurable shelfs like the add-ons page & favorites page do
Works great on armada Linux
I find this skin a godsend for my mx3. I put on the vertical menu, so much simpler for using with a remote.
Being able to configure the menu's exactly as i like is amazing and since i keep all my files on a HDD connected to a WDTV live elsewhere in the house this skin allows the full library experiance even tho the files are not local.
It fixed everything for me.
What else would you want a shelf on besides movies tv and addons?