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Full Version: Raspberry Pi 2 vs MK808B Plus vs Amazon Fire TV Stick vs MK809IV?
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Hello everyone .
I want to know which of these is right for me to run Kodi (Amazon Fire TV Stick vs MK809IV).

I wish I could watch movies in 720 or 1080 without problems.

And not having problems installing Kodi .

Could give me a hand ?

Greetings and thanks to all.
This is a google translation .
Fire TV stick
Google nexus
Fire tv stick hands down. I have an ATV2 & THIS IS TWICE AS FAST! you csn literally sideload it with AGK from your smartphone.

In relation to ATV2 , I need to have the cell phone too? Kodi can be installed directly in the ATV2 ?

If it were not so... I prefer the Fire Stick . Where I live I find it expensive to buy the ATV2 and also a smartphone.

Greetings and thanks.

PS: . all ok for the fire stick , then?
Fire TV box over Stick... wi-fi is better on box, and its extra power helps with media playback.
Buyer beware with Amazon Fire TV's and 23.976fps video sync.... there are some pretty unhappy owners that are sensitive to 3:2 pulldown judder in these two recent threads....



Better to mention it now instead of finding out when its to late !
Hi again.

Ok . Then the fire stick tv not a good option .

What seems to you the Raspberry Pi 2 or MK808B Plus ??

Greetings and thank you very much
Pi2 is possible to run from tv usb ports. Mk808b plus requires 2a current so if u decide to go with Mk808b plus u might as well go with any android boxes
And............................. Banana proHuh is much better than Pi2?? or for Kodi its the sameHuh
No, Banana Pi is garbage. Raspberry Pi 2 is better.
MK808b Plus will give you hardware HEVC (H265) decoding plus Netflix etc if you want that. You will still be stuck with 23.976fps video sync problems tho plus it has pretty weak WiFi performance. If you are used to 3:2 pulldown judder it might be ok.
This 3:2 pulldown judder applies to most Android devices.

RPi2 = perfectly synced playback for virtually anything you throw at it apart from greater than 1Mb/s 720p HEVC decoding, which is does via CPU decoding. And even then not well.

You won't find a perfect 1 device solution, and will have to get two devices to cover all video playback options.
I personally have a RPi2 and a ODROID-C1 for HEVC and Netflix. The OC1 has the same AMlogic S805 SoC as the MK808B Plus.
Why would anyone want an atv2 now? I loved mine for years but it's 2015 it's old there are so many better options. My biggest ting is the atv2 can do Netflix in 720p but these new droid boxes can't seem to hardly get past SD on most sometimes you can come close to 720p. Fire TV is the only one and stick that run Netflix with dd5.1 and 1080p. Still baffles me.
Ahem, what about perfect 24p video sync ?

The S805 ODROID-C1 I have with a GUI set at 24Hz (Android), plays perfectly synced 23.976fps (24p) Netflix in 1080p SuperHD. Audio is definitely punchier than all other outputs on this device. It may be DD5.1. Picture quality and video sync is equal to that of Netflix on my PS3.

Yes I'm pleasantly surprised. Smile
Maybe Netflix on certain AMlogic hardware can access API's Kodi cannot for output of 23.976fps / H264 video content.
Either that or AMlogic have the required Protected Video Path to satisfy Netflix DRM requirements for playback of SuperHD content.
I have several amlogic players all use the same Netflix in the play store what Netflix are you using to get 1080p?
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