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Full Version: Just installed TMM and a problem
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I've just installed TMM on my PC and initially scraped one of my movie folders. Everything looks great and seems to have all the info about the movies that I need.

I go to Kodi (using Confluence skin) and go to Videos, Files, Movies and it lists all the movies with the poster.jpg as the thumbnail. For the current movie it shows the fanart.jpg as the background. If I click on the movie it then shows the movie file name with the fanart background.

But I can't access anything else. How do I look at the plot, runtime, cast etc etc? I've tried all buttons but nothing.

I'm using a Minix Neo X8-H Plus android box and a Minix A2 Air mouse.
Have you tried right-mouse-button-click on a movie in Videos > Files > Movies ? Then select Movie Information option?
Btw, as well as the 'Videos' option on the home screen of Kodi, is there also a 'Movies' ones?
Thanks Ade. I don't know what the right-mouse-button on the A2 Lite is. Is there one?

No I only have Videos option on the home screen of Kodi
Do I need a different skin to look at movie plot, runtime, cast etc?
Worked it out. I hadn't added my movie folder to the library, it was only under the Files list.