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Full Version: Skin.string seems to lose value
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I have a problem with a skin.sting value, I'm using Skin.String(StudioFlagsPath) in a Var as follows:

<variable name="ColorFlagsStudio">
<value condition="Skin.HasSetting(StudiosColorFlag) + !Skin.HasSetting(DisableStudiosColorFlag)">$INFO[Skin.String(StudioFlagsPath)]</value>
<value condition="Skin.HasSetting(DisableStudiosColorFlag)">-</value>

This is then used throughout the skin and in the majority of places works correctly i.e. it grabs the colored studio icon from the relevant location.

But in a couples of views, one being the standard 'List' view, the VAR fails and when checking the contents it is empty. I have also checked the contents of the sking.string via a label output and that too is empty.

Does anyone have any idea what might be the problem for only certain places to effectively lose the skin.string value?

For instance, this

<control type="label">

shows the value of 3DTK only for studio 3DTK??

I've double checked texture and it is correct and if I disable colored flags then it works in 'List' and displays what is in flags/studios/


probably because you inside itemlayout/focusedlayout ?
Hi Phil.

Yes that would be correct, so I guess it doesn't work within item / focused layout? is there a workaround?

Correct, does not work then. You could duplicate the Image control so you dont need 2 infolabels
not sure what you mean exactly, so would you have any additional pointers for a noob?