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Full Version: Support browsing into archives
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OpenELEC on Raspberry Pi has an extra option called "Support browsing into archives": https://github.com/OpenELEC/OpenELEC.tv/...patch#L210

Quote:The ability to browse, scan and play content in archives can cause problems on low powered/low memory devices.

I didn't pay much mind to this since I normally don't have archived files near my video files, but I accidentally slipped into the wrong folder the other day my little Intel ATOM tablet, and a zip file locked things up for what seemed like forever. Having a toggle would be great to have on the other platforms.

Any chance we can get this upstream for all platforms, or is it something that would only work on the Pi?
it is platform independent
(2015-05-17, 10:45)wsnipex Wrote: [ -> ]it is platform independent

No, the GUI setting for "support browsing into archives" is Pi specific - you can't disable it on other platforms.

It is a useful setting on low powered/low memory devices. I have a zip file that is a backup of lots of other files and if I accidentally browse to its directory, it makes kodi stall for ages.
On a 256M Pi 1 it causes a crash with an out-of-memory error.

Unfortunately the setting has two downsides. One is subtitles are commonly distributed in rar files and you lose access to those.
Another is when you have videos in rar files and scan your library, and then change the "support browsing into archives" setting, you end up with paths in the library that no longer play.

Due to these issues, the setting is disabled by default and is only recommended for people who are sure they don't want kodi to see the contents of archives.
I meant the code would work on all platforms.