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Full Version: Tunein Radio 2.10
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I finally was able to find the latest version of Tunein Radio 2.10...however there seems to be a lot of radio stations that don't stream even though they do stream on other devices. I did go into addon settings and check the boxes for other media support so was wondering is there a way to have working streams updated ? One station I'm trying to get in WRCR AM. I tried to add their url manually at the custom station but it wasn't supported. Can anyone help here ?


Dave -
not sure if the maintainer is still working on this addon.
hasn't been updated in a while.

you can check here -- https://github.com/brianhornsby/plugin.a...dio/issues

maybe open a ticket -- if you haven't already.
TuneIn Radio doesn't play all streams directly. Some stations are merely links that bring up the proprietary "pop up" player from the radio station's website. I just checked the listing for WRCR on the TuneIn website, and they are one of those stations.

The TuneIn addon for Kodi will only play the direct streams. It won't attempt to launch the external proprietary players, even if you are running Kodi on a machine that has web browsers.

The addon works great with all of the direct streams though. Have it playing in the background all day here actually. Brian Hornsby doesn't update it very often, but I hope he keeps it going, because it's definitely been my "go to" radio app for XBMC/Kodi for years