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Full Version: Video freezes after switching to GUI
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On both my RPi v2 and my B, if I start a channel and then switch back to the EPG with either back or my red button (mapped to switch fullscreen) and then go back to fullscreen TV via the red button, the audio continues but the video stays frozen and I see a buffering message shortly after switching back, then another maybe 10s later and then more if I wait but the video remains frozen and the only way to fix it is to stop playback and start again.

I made a debug log on my B running Millhouse's test build #517. It's too big to pastebin so I've shared it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1fDI89...sp=sharing
Does it happen on any other window? Judging by the logs your Pi gets overwhelmed when it tries to parse all the picons for your channels.
It's quite strange! Obviously I'm going from the EPG to full-screen TV when I start the first channel and the fact that I was just on the EPG screen doesn't cause the problem.

If I go from full-screen TV to the Home screen (or any other screen it seems) and from there to the EPG and then back to full-screen TV, it doesn't mess it up but if I just go from full-screen TV back to the EPG and then back to full-screen it does.

I've uploaded the debug log which should show me doing all of that, so hopefully it will show what the difference is. Obviously the normal way to use TV is to switch between watching TV and the EPG, so that needs to work properly. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1fDI89...sp=sharing