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Full Version: Can't find media center host - Help please!
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Hello everyone,

I've been trying to use Kore (android app) with my Kodi Media Center (Windows 8).

Both devices are on the same local network but I can't seem to find the media center on the android app.

I also tried using a different remote but the same problem occurs.

Is there anything I can do to solve this issue?

Thank you for your attention.
This probably is a network issue. Make sure you take a look at the faq: 221700 (thread) and that you have Kodi properly configured. Pay special attention to the http port, and make sure that it's not getting blocked by any firewall you have active.
I have read that manual and I configured kodi according to your instructions.

I am using the port given by Kodi (80) on my smartphone and I am eaving the advanced config blank (default).

I've tried turning off windows firewall but nothing changed.

What can I do more?
Can you view the kodi machine's web page from your phone?
How do I do that?
Go to your phone's web browser and enter the address and port like
I have exactly the same issue but on with Kodi on win7, i can connect using XBMC Remote, i can access the webserver on my browser. But Kore just won't connect. Firewall on/off, ports forwarded properly. Kore won't connect on either my lollipop phone or my kitkat tablet
Can't connect. As suggested by Nickr, I went into my android's Chrome and tried entering my address and port, but got a server error. "connection refused". I checked the Windows 7 firewall, and Kodi is listed as allowed. Sticking with my Cideko air keyboard, I guess...
I have the same problem with Kodi installed on Lubuntu.
Zeroconf shows ip adress of media center, but I couldn't connect with browser or kore.
I am having a similar issue. Kodi runs on an android TV box hardwired to my network. my android phone connects to the same network via wifi. I can get neither Kore nor Yatse to recognize my connection. Settings have been checked and verified multiple times.
Can the phone ping the kodi box?
I found this blog post to b every helpful. I have a windows 7 machine running Kodi 15.2 and an Android phone. Once I installed the Apple bonjour print service software and activated zeroconfig in Kodi my phone was able to find my HTPC immediately!

Hope it works for you guys! All credit goes to Craig Lotter the guy who wrote this up.