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Full Version: Discogs.com music scraper for albums and artists
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Is it possible to add the music scraper for Albums and Artists from the website Discogs.com ?

There is an great database for a very lot of albums/artists

Because the Universal scraper for Album and Artists finds not all my musicalbums!

I get more info for my musicalbums on Discogs.com
Yeah, good question, Discogs has some stuff musicbrainz does not. Is there a way to scrape or tag from discogs?
I'd love a discogs scraper as well, 80% of my music collection is electronic music & the other 20% is underground hip-hop. A lot of these artist are not picked up on any of the scrapers Kodi has available, discogs has always been my go to for finding any information on a underground artist.

Anyone out there that could bring this to life? I'm sure many Kodi users would greatly appreciate it.
+1 on discogs being superior. I looked into this. They actual have an open api http://www.discogs.com/developers/ and all data is licensed CC0. Unfortunately for us it's in json and parts of it requires login, which is not possible to do with the current scraper system in kodi.

These is hope though, as they post dumps of all their data here: http://www.discogs.com/data/ Someone just have to have create a web service we can useWink I have no idea why musicbrainz and others doesn't just take all of that data..
i looked into it as well some years ago, iirc the main problem is they impose an api call limit when it comes to fetching artwork (artist/album thumbs).
this artwork, as far as i know, is not part of their database dumps.
I really wold like to have this plugin. The music what I have in my DB all other scrappers fails to get right info or at all for the albums/artists. In Discogs db seems there is everything what I have. Right now I have 22,696 songs in kodi db whit no additional info :/

Really hope some developer will make this plugin happen Sad
I have just came accross this topic,
And I am really confused!
It is now 2019! Kodi 18. What the hell? Why didn’t I (or anyone here) think of this! And why was this ignored here! When I think of a media Database... The first thing I think of is IMDB for TV, and Discogs for Music!
It’s basically the main music DB!

I can not be the only one here who is questioning why this wasn’t the first Music scrapper On kodi that should of been on kodi in the first place! (Or am I missing something?) Why did we get everything but discogs?

It’s just been said it’s possible (and compare to most work and challenged that go into kodi development from this community) it’s Really do-able and easy if you know what your doing and what to do!

I don’t mean to bump an old topic... but seriously I have nothing scraped on kodi for my music, but literally everything is there on discogs!
If your reading this, and you know a little on kodi, please don’t ignore this and see if you can spend a few hours coming out with something like basic!

What’s happens is basically the same as if kodi ignored an IMDB scrapper, But had a tiny knockoff dB scrapper Instead, and no one cared enough about imdb to work on & develope it, because it ether wasn’t thought of... or wasn’t a popular "asked for" scrapper.

This has just got me shocked by surprise on what were people thinking when coming up with an idea for a Music scrapper. There has got to be something I’m missing out or don’t know about. Shurely it hasn’t just been like... "well.. had a bash at discogs, there’s a few challenges, but that could be resolved... ah well!" The End!
There’s literally already been one in the past.

Sorry if I sound a bit out of line or over the top here on this forum, I’m just a bit taken by suprise when I came across this!

OK, I’ve done a bit of research and I think I found something verry interesting! Here it is:
From what is says, it’s an all-in-one scrapper for kodi!
It basically scraps from IMDB, Artwork etc and yep you guessed it, discogs al at the same time!

This was last updated 9 days ago and am going to test it out later and see how it performs and what it’s like! Wink

I will report back here if it’s works and scraps well! It also does tv shows and cd covers and info etc!

Hope this has helped! Take a look yourself! I knew this wouldn’t have not been done or not been worked on!
Enjoy! Wink 03stevensmi
(2019-02-13, 20:28)03stevensmi Wrote: [ -> ]it’s Really do-able and easy if you know what your doing and what to do!
Great!! We look forward to your submission.
There is another scrapper called something like "beats" or something that scraps discogs as well! I will have a look at that too see if there is anything for kodi! Wink Happy To Help! XD

-EDIT: here you go:
as for the reason why their is no discogs scraper:
kodi... or rather xbmc, used to have a discogs scraper.
but one day we got contacted by discogs.com with a friendly request to stop scraping their site.
the reason was, we were sending way too much data traffic to their servers.

(note: this was 10 years ago and it's not unlikely their policy may have changed since then)
ahhhhh right. that makes total sense! Thanks for clearing that up. I thought something wasn't right. Maybe now is the time we take a look at there policy, times have changed in the last 5-10 years. from what a simple Google search says, there are quite a good few discogs scrapers out! and no doubt discogs server is 10 Times more stronger than what it was back in 2010! Wink
i'm sure you are right. at the time the discogs api allowed you to make an unlimited number of requests.
they now seem to be protecting themselves by throttling api requests on their end at a 60 requests per minute rate.
What about beets & mediaelch?
Would they also be Affected by that?
It looks like They don’t seem to have that much of an issue scrapping data and artwork off discogs.

-EDIT: maybe a better idea is not to scrap metadata off discogs, but instead scrap metadata off yadg! They provide an API and is a multi scrapper site that scraps metadata from discogs & a handful of others Music Databases all at once!

Here is what it scraps:

Here is there GIT:

It may be worth Taking a look at there

Would this be more possible?
IMDb scraper what you like to refer to is NOT the default scraper either. Moreover you are not getting the best scraping experience with IMDb.
I also don't really get the root cause of your rant. What is your particular problem with music scraping you are in hope to resolve with discogs.com?
Err... I did not type "IMDb is kodi’s default scrapper"... ?

I was Using IMDb site as an example (compared to other DB sites).
Not literally kodi. :/
Idk about how well IMDb works etc, this topic is about discogs.

As for what’s wrong with other music scrappers, Literally (and I mean literally) Not a single (out of thousands of my songs) has any album cover on nor audiodb & Musicbrainz site, Only some of my songs are categorised (like doing a search on a label on the ADB & MB website produces only some results where discogs has all releases).

Discogs has every cover, better categories (like search for what other stuff an artist has done... similar to the "find what actor has also been in" on kodi), but kodi doesn’t have that feature for music metadata, again, just using it as an example.
Basically It’s the top DB man.

If you accually think audiodb and musicbrainz is literally similar to discogs And is not That important, well... that’s kind of why I ranted a bit Wink
But that was explained not to be the case before and we’ve now moved on from that.

Anyways, let’s get back on topic,

I have had a look at Yadg api And
They definitely provide a use for a kodi scrapper! (...from what I’m getting on the api) It looks very Legit. But I really need someone who knows there stuff to have a look and give what they think.

I don’t really know much about Api’s And python, Only stuff that I pick up on from around github.
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