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Full Version: Switch from 'remote' view to 'currently playing' when playing a media
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Hi guys !

First of all, thanks a lot for the hard job you do on Kore. Nice to have a new remote for Kodi.

This thread just to submit the idea of an auto view change when a media is played to the 'currently playing' screen, and to switch back to 'remote' when it ends.

This could be an option of course, but I must admit I miss some buttons (like stop of fast forward/rewind) on the remote screen while a media is playing.

Should the feature be already in the list, please forgive me 'cause I did'nt read the all threads before posting ^^

Cheers, and long life to Kore !


I've just updated Kore to the last version, and I must thank you for adding 'stop', 'forward' and 'rewind' buttons on the remote screen.

It solves my ergonomy issue.

All the best.