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Full Version: replace media folder
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Hello, I am not a skinner but I would like to change a bit the look of amber skin.

in the previous version all I was doing was to replace all the png in the media folder's subfolders.

from the latest version of amber the media folder contains now one single file called Textures.xbt and even if I delete it and replace with the old media folder it automatically reappears and delete all the png modified, is there any way to block it?


Perhaps you've the auto-updates ON; better to turn that off and use the repo manually and override what you have modified.

Having said that, you may use the following tool to pack / unpack the .xbt's

Kodi Texture Tool

In your case, you can pack your mod and move it to skin's media folder. Let us say you call it TextureW.xbt -- A) That will NOT be overwritten and B) you can choose it in the Settings -> Appearance - Theme even if the skin updates reverses the change!

That will make your mod stick.

Thanks, will try and give you an update! Cheers Big Grin