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Full Version: Movie Database add on is disabled - no way to enable
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Hi folks

New to kodi, but keeping to grips with it quickly I think.

I've hit a problem tonight which I cant fully understand. I have added a filer location on a NAS to Kodi and on the 'Set Content' page I'm describing the location as 'Movies'. However, I noticed that the 'Movie Database' add on did not appear as a choice as a scaper. I went into the Add Ons systems setting page and sure enough its disabled. I've no option to re-enable it, nor do I have an option to uninstall it.

The thing is, when I add a second location from the NAS and on the Set Content page select the 2nd location as TV Shows - Movie Database appears as a scraper. Why is it not appearing for Movies but it is for TV Shows??

Any help much appreciated! BTW, I'm running Kodi on an Minix android box.

(on a side note, it does a great job on the TV shows segment)
I actually got sorted here. I installed an app to reset Kodi.. Worked a treat after that!